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Ways to improve the UX of a website/e-commerce:

What is UX of a website and why is it important?

UX Design refers to the term User Experience Design, while UI Design stands for User Interface Design. Both elements are crucial to a product and work closely together. Creating a website is an inevitable part of establishing a modern business. Websites are indeed effective for businesses as they provide easy access to all the information, services provided by the business. But only creating a website is not enough, providing a superb user experience to the visitors is even more important. These visitors must be offered with unique User Experience (UX) in order to elevate their overall browsing experience. In order to provide your users with unique browsing experience, here are some of the effective UX tips and web design trends to keep in the mind.


  • Responsive and mobile friendly- Smart phones are driving huge traffic to a number of websites and this demands your website to be responsive as well as mobile friendly. To serve the browsing needs of the mobile internet users, going mobile friendly is now an easy way for the website owners that ensures better visibility.


  • Loading time- In every website designing, page loading matters a lot for providing an exceptional user experience to the clients. The users tend to create a vital impression regarding the loading speed of a website. If the loading time of your website page is too slow, it will frustrate the clients and will ultimately hamper the conversions. Page loading time also plays a vital role in helping the users decide whether they are going to further visit the site. If they are undeserved in terms of user experience for the very first time, there are brighter chances they will ignore your site for future reference also.


  • Product comparison- Every website has innumerable products that make it difficult for the customers to choose. Offer the option of product comparison in built on the site so that your users find it easy to make faster and confident purchase decisions. Providing with an option to compare their products is a great way to boost user experience (UX) of your website visitors.


  • Customer checkout- As our online activities increase, so do the number of online accounts in our names. It seems as if nearly every website out there asks you to “sign up” or “sign in” — and the process is hardly ever simple. Nor are these accounts held to the same standards from one site to the next, leading to forgotten or even insecure passwords. Thus, enabling a guest checkout option in your website increases the user experience by eliminating barrier from conversion. It also boosts the checkout process and encourages purchase.


  • Pop up view option- Instead of directing the visitor or buyer to the product page, a great alternative is to provide a pop up view option on the site. It is time consuming when you have to open each tab separately to view the product details. So, a quick view of the product through the pop up option makes it easy to know about each desired products and it can also contain required images, descriptions and other specific details.


  • Website security- Website security is perhaps the most integral part of any website that encourages the users to stay glued to your site by increasing the UX. Your users will build trust on you if they have an assurance of the safety of their payment details saved on your website. With a robust site security, you can easily guarantee an exceptional browsing experience to the users. A security seal is thus going to get more and more clients for your business.


  • Videos- While images play an important role in engaging the clients over the website, videos can keep their attention engaged for longer. People trust the things that seem more realistic and thus, videos can play their part exceptionally well. For example, if a website is showcasing the launch of a new product, it will get difficult to present all the features through the content only. While videos, on the other hand, can easily make people understand product’s feature.


Developing a consistent website or e commerce means matching everything in a way so that it looks perfectly structured for the audience. User experience (UX) is extremely important for your website business. Here are seven useful tips as how to boost the user experience so that your site can fulfil your aim.