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Important Features for Web App Development

The importance of web app development has increased exponentially over the last two decades. Any enterprise irrespective of its size needs to have an accessible web app that provides the gateway for clients. The world of digital marketing has moved beyond regions and boundaries. The web app is required for the interaction between clients and building trust with the company which begins as the first step for building a long-term business relationship.

This blog deals with the technical components and the features. Let us first look at the technical components

Service Worker:

The service worker facilitates offline work mode and backlink syncing which is important to keep the web app working at all times. This is an important feature for the consumer to connect back to the server. Also, it allows for the past records of the purchase, history of preferences, and things left in the shopping cart to be reloaded.

Web App Manifest:

A web app manifest which is a (JSON) file provides the app a mobile-like interface appearance. This allows for the way how the web application is displayed to the visitor. The display generally features a full-screen mode without a URL bar. It is one of the prime locations for the web applications metadata. Also, a splash screen with a theme color for the address bar can be added through this feature.

Transport Layer Security

As the name suggests this is related to the transport of secure and robust data exchange between two apps. To maintain the integrity of the data it demands installing an SSL certificate on the server and serving websites via HTTPS.

Must-have Features in a Web App

Serverless Cloud Architecture

Serverless technology has brought about significant changes in software development. Cloud architecture enables to access data with less or no hardware constraints. This provides an immense advantage over the traditional system. However, off late many businesses are using cloud technologies to build web applications. This is because the cloud-based architecture provides the business relief from setting up complex servers. It also enables security, flexibility and scalability to a web app.

Mobile-First Interface

In the world of increasing internet traffic mostly from mobile devices, it is important the app should be compatible with cell phones. Therefore a web app must be compatible with cell phones or tablets. Responsive user interface design is not a luxury anymore but a necessity. The rise of the Internet of Things has enabled a web app that can be accessed from any device be it a watch or fridge. Therefore a dynamic web design built with the mobile-first interface is lightweight and can be accessed from any device.

Push Notifications

The rise of push notifications is no more exclusive only to mobile apps. This provides a fantastic opportunity for the business to engage as the users can get notifications from the web app as well. The process is fast and simple and does not require apps or browsers running in the background.


In modern times people are looking for responses in real-time 24*7. This is where the chatbot system for live interaction comes in. Therefore a chat function needs to be integrated into the web app apart from using other messenger functions such as business WhatsApp etc. as suitable.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine friendliness is a very important characteristic of the website to get in more traffic. The site navigation should be logical and enable the search engine to come up on top of the result. Also getting the right codes and the programing software whether HTML, Javascript and CSS which if not externalized can make the crawling slower. Fragmented identifiers do not help Google to locate the website. Proper use of tags is critical while serving content from different sources is important to avoid duplication of the tags and the website traffic going down.


Integrated analytics is important to measure the traffic of the website and its success. This is to understand that whether the website traffic is increasing or not and the analytics tracking is therefore critical to analyze it.

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