Our Services

Our customers benefit from the flexibility of dealing with a company that accommodates both online and offline services & solutions — a great asset for any organization. Specialized services in web design,web development,Graphic design, Digital promotional products, video production and IT support help you grow your business effectively.

Web Development

Website development has now achieved a level of maturity from where all your site necessities which incorporates building up reasonable structure, web interfaces, custom web design, and framework support to database management can be refined effortlessly and in the most progressive way. We build up an intelligent platform that serves as dual interface between a company and its employees as well as its clients. Maviq Software builds attention driven & economical sites for customers in India, US, Canada and beyond. Our top web developers have the expertise in creating static & dynamic sites using various state-of-the-art technologies and tools available. Your site is the most essential segment of your association's marketing strategy. It's the focal centre point for your content advertising endeavours. All other promoting materials should bolster and direct individuals to your site. As website development and designing has progressed consistently, we currently have more online advertising instruments than was available in the past. Our agency works with you to develop a user experience that passes on a value to the audience you’re targeting. This implies continued visits and referrals via distinct channels, including social media. Using our times of comprehension & research, our web designing and development skills are modified to assist you in accomplishing every single one of your objectives to upgrade UI and consequently, quicken sales.

Digital Marketing

The present market is a greatly competitive one where you have to beat your opposition keeping in mind the end goal to not simply lead, but thrive in your industry. For that, you have to guarantee that your brand has been placed effectively in the market in view of your vision and the statement of purpose of your organization. Digital marketing is the sweeping term individuals use for all the advertising & marketing attempts that are implemented online to build the reputation of your brand. We at Maviq Software initially assess your image as well as your true objectives. And after that, we draft digital marketing solutions as indicated by your necessities, to guarantee potential conversions from increased brand awareness. We do this by utilizing numerous digital channels, for example, email marketing, search engine, landing page optimization & social media, trailed by affiliate & influencer marketing. Through every one of these procedures we take pride in associating your potential clients to your image. We derive great joy from being effective and understanding the journey of your clients right from point of contact upto conversion. In the present growing business sector, the quantities of participants are expanding as is the competition. That is the reason why you require a company like Maviq Software which comprehends your image and clients as well as their interests & behaviour.

App Development

Cell phones have seemingly started to vanquish the web. Social sharing, geo labeling and data search has taken mobiles to a whole new level. On the off chance that you have a business that tries to reach out to its clients through the web, you can’t afford to overlook the influence of mobile users. The best method to do it right presently is having your own custom mobile application. At Maviq Software, our gifted app developers can enable you to transform your ideas and thoughts into applications, resolve issues and turn your custom application into a potential goldmine. We take pride in being one of the top firms with regards to custom mobile app development for iOS, Android & Windows. We have transformed ourselves over the years into a one stop shop for creation of mobile apps. Having been involved in the field for several years now, we position ourselves as one of the pioneers in the business and a standout amongst the most dynamic app development firms today in India, US & Canada. To be the best overseas app development company, we contract the most keen, capable and educated application designers & developers who have knowledge of the primary frameworks/platforms utilized for mobile app development. With a group of committed developers and designers, we are prepared to address your project requirements on innovative benchmarks and in addition on human capital. So give us a call and discuss your application ideas with our team today.

Just like a picture is worth a thousand words, in the same way, an effectively created logo, website or brochure can mirror a great deal what your firm or products and services stand for. Creative graphic designing is the craftsmanship that inventively portrays your marketing requisites via innovative graphics. Currently, it’s in high demand for different print, communication and advertising requirements. A decent graphic design doesn’t just give you an edge over rival businesses, but competently markets & repositions the image of your brand and fortifies your service and product offerings also. At Maviq Software, we take pride in being one of the best graphic & logo designer agency in the industry, and can create logos for your company that are fundamental and imaginative and also appealing to the clients. We unequivocally assume that your potential clients should relate your logo with the kind of solutions that you offer. It doesn’t matter how small or intricate the logo is, or whether you’re based in India, US or Canada, the design must draw in the customer's attention with respect to your business and make an indelible impression on them. We offer an extensive variety of custom graphic design solutions, and capably transform your contemplations and thoughts into innovative realistic plans that bring out unrivaled outcomes. We guarantee that our innovativeness is far from ordinary, rather it lays emphasis on one-of-a-kind custom graphics creation that benefits your organization.